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Gongli Brand PVC Translucent Roof Sheet





Brand: Gongli
Model: XR-T1130
Layers: One layer
Supply Type: OEM/ODM
Warranty: 10 years
Delivery Time: 20 working days after deposit
MOQ: 1000 square meter per one thickness

Product Core Advantage


PVC tranlucent roof sheet has some flexibility and impact resistance, making it ideal for protection from extreme weather, flying debris or vandalism.

light transmission

PVC translucent roof sheet has a light transmittance of 65%-90%, and the light will become softer and less dazzling when it passes through the PVC translucent roof sheet.

Easy to cut

PVC tranlucent roof sheet can be cut with simple cutting tools, or can be customized in length from factories or dealers, suitable for DIY enthusiasts to design their own roofs or other pathways.

Thermal insulation

PVC tranlucent roof sheet provides a certain degree of thermal insulation. PVC tranlucent roof sheet reduces the heat conduction under the light from the material, and provides a higher degree of heat insulation.

Multiple colour

PVC tranlucent roof sheet is usually in translucent color, but we can provide customers with color samples to customize the color.


PVC tranlucent roof sheet material is about half the weight of equivalent glass, which means you enjoy lower shipping costs, easier moving and storage, and simplified material handling.

Easy to install

The PVC tranlucent roof sheet can be attached directly to the frame or support structure and the included hardware is designed for quick and easy installation and connection.

trapezium roof sheet1130

Product Details

Width: 1130mm

Effecived width: 1050mm

Length: Customized

Thickness: 1.2mm, 1.5mm,  1.8mm, 2.0mm

Application: Large-scale steel structure projects such as sheds, Factories, Warehouses, Markets, Farms, Farms, etc.

UPVC Roof Sheet Technical Data Test Report



Test Item

Test Method

The Test Condition

Test Result


Tensile strength

ISO 527-1:2012 & ISO 527 -2:2012

Testing speed: 50mm/min

23.1 Mpa


Flexural strength

ISO 178:2010/Amd.1:2013 Method A

Test speed: 1mm/min

50.9 Mpa


Impact Resistance

With reference to GB/T 8814-2004 Section 5.7, Section 6.7 and client’s requirement

-10°C, 1h
Strike weight:1000g

Number of specimen failures: 0


Vicat Softening Temperature

ISO 306:2013 Method B 50

Rate of temperature: 50K/h



Effects of liquid chemicals

ISO 175:2010

Temperature: 23°C
Immersion time:48h
40%(m/m) NaOH

No visual change

ISO 175:2010

Temperature: 23°C
Immersion time:48h
35%(m/m) HCl

Visual discoloring, but no other visual change

ISO 175:2010

Temperature: 23°C
Immersion time:48h

No visual change


Light Ageing Test – Xenon-arc Exposure

ISO 4892-2:2013 cycle 4 & ISO 105-A02:1993/Cor.2:2005 & ASTM D2244– 15a

Exposure period: 1000h

Grey scale: 3
△E*ab : 1.3


Dimensional Stability

With reference to ASTM D1204-14 and client’s requirement

100℃,60min→23±2℃, 50±5% RH, 60min

Direction of arrow: -0.6%
Perpendicular to Direction of arrow: 1.6%

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