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Brand Story

Welcom To Gongli
Brand Story

With over 18 years of dedicated experience in PVC corrugated roofing, we proudly hold a pioneering and leading position in the market, continuously crafting and advancing roofing solutions within the construction sector.

We boast extensive implementation expertise, ensuring our products stand out for their exceptional quality and competitive pricing. This has garnered appreciation from both domestic and international clientele.

Leveraging our profound background in plastic corrugated roofing production, we persistently drive innovation, upholding our industry edge in this field. Over the past decade, our focus has been on seamlessly integrating photovoltaic technology with corrugated plastic roofing, resulting in a range of integrated solar panel solutions. The market response to our solar panel system has been overwhelmingly positive since its launch.

Our Vision

Dedicated to industrial innovation and product development, our company aims to attain a prominent role within the construction industry. We aspire to lead industry advancement, offering comprehensive roofing and wall building solutions to our customers. Our commitment extends to creating an eco-friendly and comfortable living environment on a global scale. We proudly stand as an international influencer, serving customers worldwide.

Brand Journey

Our journey started in 2004 with a clear and profound mission: to deliver top-quality roof tiles that offer both protection from the elements and peace of mind to every customer.
Harnessing over a decade of industry expertise, we initiated the establishment of a comprehensive R&D, production, and sales ecosystem for PVC roof sheets. Our brand influence is further fortified through strategic participation in exhibitions, corporate outreach, and leveraging social platforms, effectively expanding awareness among a wider customer base.

Over the span of 18 years, our journey in the PVC roof sheet industry has underscored the significance of not only crafting superior PVC plastic roof tiles, but also aligning with the requisites of societal progress and the worldwide shift towards eco-conscious living. By amalgamating our expertise in plastic roof tile sheets with the pursuit of sustainable, low-carbon solutions, we cater to both user needs and the advancement of our brand.

Today, our mission continues to grow, creating value and joy for our customers and society.

Founder Message

In this new era, Gongli embraces each challenge with heightened determination, channeling greater effort toward accomplishing every goal. We endeavor to be a beacon of warmth in the coldest of winters, advancing steadfastly to forge a brighter future alongside our valued customers and partners. Gongli: where possibilities know no bounds!